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We are seeking a dynamic, creative and committed teacher of Mathematics to teach IB MYP & DP Mathematics classes, as well as contribute to the School’s ongoing plans to integrate STEAM across multiple disciplines.



We are seeking a dynamic, creative and committed teacher of Mathematics to teach IB MYP & DP Mathematics classes, as well as contribute to the School’s ongoing plans to integrate STEAM across multiple disciplines. Experience of teaching in the IB MYP and DP is preferred but not essential and knowledge of inquiry-driven and concept-based pedagogical approaches is desirable. A competitive salary is available for an excellent candidate. Experience of teaching in a secondary school is not essential.

The following position is required for September 2019.

Please send your CV and application form to


1. To work collaboratively with departmental colleagues to develop and deliver the IB Diploma and IB MYP Mathematics curriculum to students in Grades 6 to 12 (Years 7 to 13).

2. To understand and embed IB ‘Approaches to Learning’ in all aspects of the Mathematics curriculum.

3. To promote mathematical thinking within Mathematics and the wider school curriculum.

4. To work collaboratively with the STEAM coordinator and other members of faculty to identify and support meaningful interdisciplinary links with other subjects.

5. To differentiate instruction to meet students’ learning needs and styles.

6. To participate in ongoing subject-specific professional development so as to keep abreast of developments within mathematics teaching, to explore and develop further personal interests and specialisms, and to deepen knowledge and understanding of pedagogical approaches.

7. To create a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect that engages students in reflecting on how, what and why they are learning.

8. To support the Chair of Mathematics with the planning and management of displays of work, Open Day presentations and other subject and whole-school related activities.

9. To support the extra-curricular life of the Mathematics Department, through weekly clubs and activities, class trips and outings etc.

10. To be open to learning new skills and techniques that will complement and enhance the Mathematics curriculum.

11. To promote, model and teach the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.


Marymount International School London is an independent Catholic day and boarding school for girls ages 11-18. An International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, Marymount offers the IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

Teachers Report to

The Deputy Head via Department Chair


This post is required to fulfil all the requirements of this Generic Teacher Role Description and the specific features of the individual Person Specification for each post.


A Marymount faculty member is dedicated to educating the “whole child”. She/he is aware of the individual needs of each student and strives to help each student develop her full potential. She/he works with students both inside and outside the classroom and is committed to active involvement in the total school programme. She/he co-operates with colleagues to ensure a fully integrated curriculum and regularly participates in activities directed toward her/his own professional development.

A Marymount faculty member is always available to students, colleagues and administration during the entire school day. In the time other than that scheduled for lunch and a daily preparation period, a teacher may be assigned activities such as supervision, tutorial, class coverage, etc. by the Headmistress/Deputy Head.

Professional Duties

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

The following duties shall be deemed to be included in the professional duties which the Teacher may be required to perform:

B1.1 Teaching

B1.1.1 planning and preparing courses and lessons;

B1.1.2 teaching and tutoring, according to their educational needs, the students assigned to him/her, including the setting and marking of work to be carried out by the students in the School and elsewhere;

B1.1.3 assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress and attainment of students.

B1.2 Other Activities

B1.2.1 promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students and any class or group of students assigned to him/her;

B1.2.2 providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters; making relevant records and reports;

B1.2.3 making records of and reports on the personal and social needs of students;

B1.2.4 communicating and consulting with the parents/guardians of students;

B1.2.5 communicating and co-operating with persons or bodies outside the School;

B1.2.6 participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above (except where absence from such meetings is expressly agreed with the Headmistress);

B.1.2.7 supervising and organising extra-curricular activities such as: a club, homeroom, activity, school trips (day and overnight), school dance etc;

B1.2.8 supervising students’ work at weekends or evenings in the role of visiting tutor assigned to a boarding house;

B1.2.9 supervising, organising and chaperoning trips and other educational excursions (may involve weekend working);

B1.2.10 contributing in any other means appropriate to the life of the School as a boarding school

B1.3 Assessments and Reports

providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students and groups of students.

B1.4 Appraisal

participating in any arrangements for the appraisal of his/her performance and that of other teachers.

B1.5 Review: Further Training and Development

B1.5.1 reviewing from time to time his/her methods of teaching and programmes of work;

B1.5.2 participating in arrangements for his/her further training and professional development as a teacher.

B1.6 Educational Methods

advising and co-operating with the Headmistress and other teachers (or any one or more of them) on the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes, methods of teaching and assessment and pastoral arrangements.

B1.7 Discipline, Health and Safety

maintaining good order and discipline among the students and safeguarding their health and safety both when they are authorised to be on the School premises and when they are engaged in authorised School activities elsewhere.

B1.8 Staff Meetings

participating in meetings at the School which relate to the curriculum for the School or the administration or organisation of the School, including pastoral arrangements (except where absence from such meetings is expressly agreed with the Headmistress).

B1.9 Cover

supervising and, so far as is practicable, teaching any students whose teacher is not available to teach them.


Further Information

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Marymount International School

George Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 7PE

  • 159 Day Girls (11-18)
  • 104 Boarding Girls (11-18)
  • GSA, ISC

020 8949 0571

Closing Date: 15 March 2019